Financial analysis


Job Description

I have a freemium service that I would like to launch and I would like somebody to put together a spreadsheet to help me figure what I need to charge, expect etc.. and run different growth scenarios etc...

this service is geared towards businesses so they can encourage their consumers to use it.

Service is always free for consumers, no matter what the situation as it is a convenience to them. This service is internet based therefore we have to include a per consumer cost to us (although extremely small). We naturally have to include basic operating costs to cover servers etc...

1) Basic service is Free to businesses. (it does have a set up cost for us, the provider, although relatively minor)

2) Business can purchase a customized app version to offer their consumers.
Obviously there are greater cost to us and a price for them.
should the fee be one time or subscription? etc..

3) Businesses can purchase access to greater info and control over the service by purchasing a subscription (or a one time license)

4) Businesses can purchase add-on products/services

If you have done such things before, please estimate how many odesk hours you will need, and how long you expect that will take. Please also make sure the first word of your reply is FI99

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