Blog Writer for Web Hosting and Internet Related Site

Blog Writer for Web Hosting and Internet Related Site


Job Description

Hello and thank you for your interest in this position.

I am looking for an EXPERIENCED blogging VA. You would be good for this position if you:

* Have worked as a VA for a blogger in the past.
* Know how to edit basic HTML (including div tags)
* Are really experienced using WordPress, including setting up plugins and other admin jobs.
* Know how to use the Internet really well, including Social Media sites, web applications, affiliate sites, etc.
* Are a self starter and don’t need to be micro-managed.
* Are really good at English. I prefer native speakers of any type of English (American, British or Australian).
* Am very detailed oriented and able to keep track of lots of random bits of information.
* Very good with SEO

This is not a full time position. It will probably require less than 10 hours per week. Hours will vary a lot. This is a long term position. I’m looking for someone who will learn more and grow with me.

Please answer the following questions:

* Please describe your experience with this type of position in the past. What did you do? For how long? Give links if possible. Be really detailed.
* Have you ever ran a blog of your own?
* How comfortable are you with web applications? List some of the sites that you use regularly or relevant sites that you have used in the past.
* Can you commit to this position long term, even if the hours are fairly low? * * * All tasks need to be completed within 24 hours of requested.
* Do you use skype? What hours do you work?
* Any SEO Skills
* Please describe your ability with English. Are you a native speaker?
* Explain your experience using WordPress. Be detailed.
* Why should I hire you?
You will be asked to interview over skype if you seem like an acceptable candidate. I will hire all good candidates for a more in depth test of ability before choosing the final selection.

If you don’t answer the questions, you will be disqualified immediately.