PPC Expert

PPC Expert


Job Description

I am looking for a person with experience in the PPC and also online advertising area.

I will shortly have a product hosted and available for sale from a number of websites. I am looking for someone to spend around an hour to 2 hours per week managing a PPC account for me and possible negotiating banner advert deals to generate sales.

I am willing to take advice on which PPC networks you feel will be of most use and also what sort of weekly budget you think I will be looking at to generate one sale per day. I am selling my own diet and exercise program which can be tailored to fit people of all weights and fitness levels. It is currently hosted on fiverr.com (so you can guess the price).

The hour/hours per week will be spent reviewing the PPC account and setting it up for the coming week to ensure it is working at an optimal level.

Please apply saying which PPC network you would work with, what sort of weekly budget you think we need to generate one sale per day and also use reference number PPC/01. I am looking for low budget PPC ideally.

A simple task for someone who knows what they are doing.

Skills: banner