RTML and database integration expert needed

RTML and database integration expert needed


Job Description

Our intent is to locate a skilled programmer familiar with the Yahoo platform (RTML) language to integrate our existing Yahoo store with a 3rd party inventory management company.

Let me explain, there are 3 total parties involved here.

1) www.purchaseperfume.com
2) www.inventorysource.com
3) www.fragrancenet.com

purchaseperfume.com is the live site we need integrated with inventorysource.com. We are 100% drop ship. The wholesaler we use (fragrancenet.com) provides a real time inventory data feed to inventorysource.com once inventory source is integrated with purchaseperfume.com our inventory and pricing with update automatically daily.

The datafeed includes the following information:
1)Name of the fragrance and gender
2)Picture and product description (if available)
3)Wholesale cost and suggested selling price

The datafeed is in an easy to upload txt format

What we need is a programmer to look at the CSV file provided to inventory source from fragrance net and make any changes to the structure of the CSV file so we can do an initial product load properly.

After the changes are made to the original CSV file to fit our store for the initial load, we need a template CSV file that we can store on our office computer for future new product adds.

We will incorporate Authorize.net as our new processing company for merchandise payment. We will place their logo on our home pages and check out pages.