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Job Description

We are opening a project that requires an ASP.NET developer who can be available during US timezones. Must have an excellent command of english and be available for a daily skype call. Call will be scrum style, agile methodology.

The project will use the following technologies
- No-SQL database (not yet determined)
- Integrations with several third party API's

The project is a GeoData REST API. The cloud application allows mobile devices to leverage the API and create navigational systems in a social environment. Plotting data is a major function.

Overall, this will be a learning experience for anyone interested. If you're a go getter, enjoy challenges, and are looking for a long term opportunity - this is the job for you.

To apply for the position, please answer the following:
- Why are you qualified for this project?
- What are your thoughts and experience on clean code?
- Does test driven development mean anything to you?
- Do you have any questions for me?

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