Calling all Opencart GURUs!!!.....We need you!

Calling all Opencart GURUs!!!.....We need you!


Job Description

HI there

Our project will come in 3 phases....
Please have a look at the list below.

Phase 1

Teach me the basics of the following

I need someone to tutor me on everything about OPENCART
I would like to cover the following topics

1) how Opencart works at every level of its function
2) how to install a theme
3) how to modify an customize the theme
4) how to secure the site
5) how to install plugins and extensions

We will use teamiewer for your tutor me

I am not a programmer.
I am the Owner of a retail company.
I need a tutor only for Phase1 that is to give me a feel on how things work in Opencart.
This is so that I know to some degree how things work and what are the elements that I can add and expand for the site.
By achieving this will also give me the chance to contract more work to my programmer.

I do not need you to teach me any programming.
That will take too long and not logical for me. This I can promise you.

I want to find a programmer that I can trust so that I can hire him constantly.
Because my business is in fashion so the site will need constant changing and mods .....which I will engage contractors to do.

But I prefer to hire just one permanent programmer who will eventually understand my business and can do work for me continuously.
I do not like working with too many programmers for one site.

Phase 2

1) a graphics web designer will work on all the graphics need to replace the stock images
from the purchased template

Phase 3

1) sync physical store inventory with the ecommerce store
Need to work the following API :

2) asisst in payment gateway installation

There will be a Phase 4 that we will be reviewed in Jan 2014