Create Wordpress Collaborative Comparison Table Plugin

Create Wordpress Collaborative Comparison Table Plugin


Job Description

Hi! Thank you for looking at our post!

We would love to have a Wordpress plugin allows users to build mobile responsive, dynamic, fully customizable and beautiful tables. The tables will be used to compare everything (products, services, objects, concepts, softwares, websites, persons...etc.) with various criteria such as text, date, number, image, video, rating, vote...etc. In some categories, criteria are automatically added/suggested by default (i.e: "last update" criteria).

Tables should be able to be embedded in Wordpress posts or pages using shortcode.

Import easily data of various formats with a copy/paste from web page, excel, openoffice, csv, html files, in order to create new comparisons quickly. If you import data into an existing table, a merge will be done with existing data.

Add easily existing items and criteria in order to reuse similar data into different tables and to maintain these data only once by the user community. The modified data will be propagated in all tables using it. The data for all the tables will be stored in the wordpress mysql database.

Explore and choose all the items you want to compare together, adding them to the "comparison scale", in order to generate and save new original comparisons.

It should be easy for users to share comparisons on main social networks such as Facebook, Twitter... and easily embed a comparison table on a blog or website.

User should be able to rotate the comparison table, reorganize lines and columns with "drag&drop" option, sort, hide content... Choose your display preferences of the table (numeric/date formats...).

These features are illustrated here:
Tables should have all the features here:

During development, code must be committed to my Github repository with very descriptive commits at least 5 times per week. This make it much easier to understand if future modifications are necessary. Proprietary Rights in Work Product shall be owned by the Client.

If you are interested, please provide examples of your previous work and an itemized proposal including all features with a development timeline and milestone payments. Any odesk test scores you can provide and more details in your proposal will improve your standing among the other applicants.

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