Call Center Expert Manager/Consultant

Call Center Expert Manager/Consultant


Job Description

Job Description:

We are looking for a qualified call center consultant with experience in customer service management to help us develop our customer support team for our startup. Your job is to focus on enhancing our customer service to generate more sales and more satisfied customers.

This consultant must be highly experienced in call center/customer service management and will help us achieve our goal to create a better environment and experience for our customers.

Qualified candidate must be able to consult on the following:

Customer Experience
• Call Guides and Scripting
• Call Monitoring
• Customer service policy
• Multi-Channel Integration - Web, E-Mail Support
• Program Design
• Customer Retention program
• Sales and Service Process
• Telephone - Sales integration
• Issuing refunds or compensation to customers

Management & Operations Consulting
• Audits and Assessments
• Outsourcing Decision
• Web Support Development

Contractor requirements

We are looking for a business consultant with the following skills:

1. Strong customer support experience
2. Understands finance, marketing, and operations.
3. A consulting background is preferred
4. Knowledge of Zappos Customer Service experience

How to apply

Please respond with the following:

1. Your background and experienced in this area of work
2. Your education that pertains to this role

Skills: management, training, design, outsourcing, finance, marketing, customer-relations

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