Building a Startup


Job Description

I am looking for someone who is willing to consider a long term collaboration in building a startup.

We will be creating short and long term milestones. From fund raising and strategy, to team building and product development. It won't necessarily be an easy ride as it will probably be the two of us at the beginning doing everything. The upside is that we might actually have fun while building something that could make a difference in people's lives.

The first project will be to design and execute an equity-crowdfund round. We will crowdfund an idea related to a platform I have built (more about this platform in a minute).

The budget for this first project is $500. I will add a bonus equal to 2% of the total amount raised IF AND WHEN we receive the funds. Our next milestone after that will have to do with building the team and product so that we can position ourselves for a traditional investment round. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that payments of these long term milestones will be made ONLY IF the stablished milestones are achieved. As I have mentioned, my intention is to invest in a long term collaboration.

Please take a look at the platform I have built. It represents the main idea I want to have crowdfunded:
(The platform is currently in closed beta. If you want to see it in action please let me know and I will give you access.)

I am looking forward to hearing from anyone who is willing to make this happen.

Skills: management, internet-applications, ebusiness-consulting, marketing, agile, software-development, analysis, operations-management