RESEARCH: Tea & Weight Loss

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Job Description

I need the help of a Researcher / VA / with a passion for nutrition and health.

The subject of this job is how some leaves, herbs and flowers can improve weight loss on people. Some effects I am looking for are:
1 - Boost Energy
2 - Suppress Appetite
3 - Increase Metabolism
4 - Reduce Body Fat
5 - Burn Calories
6 - Stops Cravings
7 - Reduce bloating
8 - Helps eliminate water
9 - Digestive cleanse
10 - Body detox

- Anti ageing
- Helps Focus
- Reduce Stress
- Improve Skin

Your job is to research for leaves, flowers and herbs that could be mixed and infuse into a tea for people wanting some help in their lose weight program.

We will work together to organise your finding into 2 suitable categories (TBA) depending of the effects of each leaf.


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