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flash video - photography


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I have seen an online app which would work well for the sports photography business I am in. it had been at http://www.directdaniella.com/ for an example but unfortunately no longer exists.

essentially, user watches a video and is able to click to take frames from it.
We had this 80% completed but never implemented. I am trying to get the source code from the developer. I am not positive if we will get it or not.
here it the start of it:

If this is something you feel you are qualified to handle I can try to get passed the login for the app so that you can see more of the functionality. Is it posible to get source code from the swf file?

it was connect to our database for logins etc. the login currently is not working. I am wondering if the login credentials were hard coded and some path has changed since it was developed.

We would video a sporting event.
We would process and copy video to our server.
Customer would then log in or create a new account if a new user
Customer would then search for their event and game
the customer can then view the video, pause, fast forward, change from horizontal to verticle frame, and take their own pics/snapshots from the video....
these would be stored in their gallery via our database,
they can then also email or download them.
possibly have a watermark embedded on the photo and also possibly build an advertising frame around the video.

We would need this to work dynamically if you will.... meaning we may video 20 games in a week or a day, and a customer should be able to view any of the games in this fashion I am looking to duplicate this.

User logs in or creates a new account
he is shown a quick tutorial which explains moving the mouse/frame, clicking to take a pic, zoom in by clicking up or down arrow
user then has the ability to search for an event
he can then view the video.
the video has the options to stop, slow down frame rate, frame by frame,
clicking the mouse will 'take' a photo of that frame in any of the above modes
he can also change the viewfinder from verticle to horizontal at any time
you can click to view your photos taken
while viewing your photos you can delete them, save to a gallery, invite a friend to view them
user can download the photo(s) to their computer

thank you, I look forward to your response


Skills: video, sports, games