Project Manager - VA

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Job Description

I am looking for someone who has access to a team who can get projects finished on time in a professional manner.

The primary role is to take responsibility for the creation AND promotion of internal projects; where I will give you a service or product and you will need to promote it and in some cases create an independent website for the product or service.

Secondly I need external projects completed (for clients)
I need to be able to quote to clients quickly, so I need you to be able to have ready access and familiarity with what your team is capable of doing (this role suits someone who already has a working relationship with coders (especially php and wordpress coders familiar with working on custom themes, etc.)

We already have great designers, so these people will be at your disposal.

I prefer someone who can be available 10am-2pm monday-friday (SYDNEY TIME) for reporting back to me on progress of projects.

YOU MUST be able to self-motivate, as I can't be prompting you to finish work each day, likewise you must be able to keep others on task so that I am not micromanaging the staff for you.

Skills: virtual-assistant-skills

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