asterisk engineer

asterisk engineer


Job Description

we are running asterisk 1.8 LTS

It works fine , but it has issue with voice quality like broken voice and call drop,some times background noise
we need to improves the voice quality in G711 and G729.

You must have much experience in Asterisk and FreePBX configuration and administration in Linux.

we are looking for a Certified Asterisk Professional with over 6 years of experience designing, configuring, and maintaining Asterisk installations. we need a professional who have experience with similar issues and assist in determining the cause of this problem and fix it
1-we need to fix voice quality, jetter,calls drop and delay
2- I want to able to terminate calls using all codecs
like Speex and iLBC
■G723.1 with transcoding
■G729 Annex B
■T.38 (fax)
3-make connection with provider much more smoothly

Skills: administration

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