IBM / Lotus Domino Web Programmer

IBM / Lotus Domino Web Programmer


Job Description

Good Day,
Our company is seeking an experienced programmer to develop a web-based workflow system (multiple applications) using IBM Domino version 9. The position is full time, on-going position. The responsibilities include:

• Developing web forms (shared and inherited) and views
• An in-depth understanding of Calendar forms and views in needed
• Understanding of form and field level security and Javascript field level validation
• Implement conditional workflow with email routing
• Create time based server events (for example: send email if form not complete after 24 hours)
• Initial testing of applications, bug fixing, and support
• Experience with Domino server administration including SSL certificate setup and SLL with forms

If this is a position you would be interested in and able to commit to full time, please apply and include details of the experience you have in the above areas as well as the hourly rate you would charge for a full time position.
Thank you very much for your time. We hope to hear from you.

Louis S