Make overall website better


Job Description

Fixed $400 price will be paid by check, not oDesk. Contractor will have to sign a w2 and a freelancer form. Make sure you are able to sign a W2 and have an EID or SSN. This is being paid by an institution that is why it must be paid this way.

Most of my website is developed in PHP. It has been developed by a lot of different people. I am looking for someone to tie everything together and make it a better looking and functioning website. It is a social network. I would like a php news feed added to the website. I would like my logout button moved to the header in a dropdown. I would like some javascript and jquery added to the site so that it is more dynamic and has small functionality that makes the website simpler for users.

1. PHP news feed
2. Move logout button to header
3. Forgot password button
4.New events page that I can add events to through backend functionality
5. Fix bug in mySQL database
6. Small javascript and jquery functions
7. Search bar that searches all users in database
8. New profiles page that shows all users on website
9. Design

Skills: design

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