VERY QUICK/EASY: Sell A Google Adwords SOW

VERY QUICK/EASY: Sell A Google Adwords SOW


Job Description


I am simply looking to purchase a sample Statement of Work/proposal pertaining to Google Adwords account management.

I am very familiar and comfortable with the platform, I simply need a SOW to present to potential clients breaking down my services.

If you have a good SOW that you have been using with your adwords clients, I'd like to pay you the equivalent of 1 hour of work (based on your hourly rate) for your SOW.

If you are interested in this very quick and easy job, please answer the following:

1. Do you have a SOW that you use for adwords clients?

2. If so, how do I know that it is good?

3. What is your proposed price to sell me your proposal?

I will submit payment immediately after receiving the proposal and will give you a glowing 5 star review :)

Thanks a lot!


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