Book Illustrator

Book Illustrator


Job Description


We're looking for awesome book illustrator to join a vibrant and really awesome self-publishing business.

At the moment, we're only looking for someone for a one off job, however we are a quickly growing company that will be needing someone full time in the next 6-12 months.

The person we are looking for is an awesome illustrator and has a portfolio of work he/she can provide us. The person has a passion for what they do and are not just looking for a job to get them by... but for an opportunity to really engage in the artistry of illustration that they love - an opportunity to live passionately through the expression of your talents.

To apply, please answer the following:

1. Why are you the most awesome person for this job?

2. What is your previous experience in illustration?

3. Are you available right now for a small illustration project for an author of ours?

4. Where can we see some examples of your work?

The person we choose will be on a per project basis, and we will come to negotiate a fee based on the work involved for each project.

Keep in mind that your application now is for a single project that is quite small - however if you're looking for an awesome job long term, it is an investment to potentially joint a vibrant team in the publishing industry that is focused on empowering authors, and their team.

We will look forward to your awesome application!