Password crack for files


Job Description


I have a batch of programs and files that I bought on Flippa as part of the sale of the site/business I bought.

The seller gave me one password which worked for me to unzip and extract the files. Regrettably that same password will not allow me to open up the sub files within so that I can inspect..

I have contacted the seller over many emails with no response. I get the impression that he is no longer going to fulfill his side of the bargain. So I am in the market for someone who is skilled in being able to bypass the passwords so that the files can be opened and I can then run this business I bought.

If there is any question in your mind about the legitimacy of this, and to let you know that this is all honest, I can show you that I DO own the domain, I can also show you the receipt via screenshots.

Once the files are open (they are Windows files) I will inspect, and may even then need the services of someone to help explain to me what they are and how they work. (This was supposed to be the job of the seller-But he isn't replying to me). To ensure you have read and understand what i am asking please input the following keyword in the first line of your reply: techunlock

I can and will send to the successful candidate a screenshot of the files that I am trying to unlock, as well as the error message I get.

I hope there is someone who can do this for me.


And good luck