Expression Engine Expert Needed


Job Description

I'm in need of an Expression Engine expert for the following job:-

- I have an existing site built in WP which has been re-designed. The html and css is ready. 8 - 10 pages.

- The site is not an ecommerce site which has payment functionality but a product catalogue site whereby the user will instead of "Pay Now", will submit an enquiry about a specific product, so this needs to be built in.

- The catalogue consists of over 100 products, however, I need a cms to manage the listings - add, delete, edit etc.

- There's also another section that's been built into my site that uses HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. All the files are in the 'filter' directory on the site.
So, to transfer it to the new site, all you need to do is copy over the filter directory as well as the 'stock' table in the database.
Then you simply need to update the db.php file in the filter directory to use the database connection details of the new database.

- The MOST important part of this job is as follows: some of my pages are ranking:- #1 to #10 for certain kw's and I CANNOT lose that ranking, so you will need to ensure this... how... is your expertise. but obviously build on the same pages.

Secondly, you will need to provide me with training on a Skype CALL (NOT chat) on how to use the cms as well as update my blog etc.

Please apply with iread so I know you've read the entire brief, failure of which will not yield any response.

PS: A fixed quote is needed.


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