JSON & jS WYSIWUG Generator

JSON & jS WYSIWUG Generator


Job Description

1) Back End

Using jS framework, I need a dashboard that can generate JSON & jS code based on input by operator.

> This input would be rules that an NON-Technical person can create.
> The decision logic of what needs to happen is based on user interactions on a website.
> When the rules are originally created, the dashboard will then generate JSON.Config & jS files.
> The JSON & jS files will be used on Website we create.
> Each page of a website will have its own PAIR of JSON/jS files.
> We are open to using a different wat to structure the client side logic or even using Node.js to combine Server & Client side such as "Cocktail Framework".

2) Front End CMS

>Those JSON/jS files need to appear in the footer of every page of the website.
>This website(s) will be created using an open source CMS such as WP for eg. or other user-friendly open source CMS.
>You will need to create a plug in that allows the JSON & jS files to be automatically published alongside each page that is created.

We have documentation regards the logic flow and architecture.
The idea is to have an IN-PERSON final meeting in your home town before allocating the job.

It is essential that you can communicate with me on Skype verbally to discuss project in more detail. You will also need to sign an NDA should we continue our discussion further leading to a project win.

We intend to keep working with the chosen individual in the future and keep them on a retainer.

We will NOT work with Agencies or those who can only work part-time as this project needs focus and concentration.

Please make sure you understand what we might need and offer your services only if you have the skills set below.

Good Luck!

Skills: json