BitCoin MultiMiner Client/Server

BitCoin MultiMiner Client/Server


Job Description

'm thinking of getting a small project done if the price is right

You are going to use the open source (.vcxproj) of the miner called UFASoft.
Extract the miner from it, should be very easy to do if you're a programmer.

After it has been extracted i want you to static link all libraries and dll's so it will be made into 1 exe only, also make it as small as possible without ruining any of the currect UFASoft commandline functions(like scrypt support etc..)
Description of requirements/functionality: 1. Make an external builder for so that i can use the builder instead of using commandline arguments thats inside UFASoft like: intensity, mining speed, temperature and all that.
2. Make it mine on GPU and CPU at the same time (at the moment it will only use one of them and not both at the same time without starting another of the same process)
3. Make the window hidden so it mines unnoticed (SW_HIDE or something like that)
4. Make a server for it to connect to so that multiple miners can be controled by 1 main computer, where you can change pool and simple stuff like that etc... (i own a server park so i want to see which computers's are mining and not and i want to control all miners from one computer instead of walking around physically through the racks) when it connects to the server or the main computer it will show IP and a little information about the computers that is connected though.
5. Add Startup, Registry key and Mutex(avoiding more than 1 instance started on computer at once.
6. UPnP Support
7. Commented code is perferred.

This has to be coded in C++
And the files shouldnt have any windows dependencies as well as being 32 bit.

This shouldnt be that much coding as the product is already OpenSource.
Please do not bid if you have no idea what a miner is.

Source of UFASoft Miner:
OS requirements: Windows