Build a Saas web application using ruby on sinatra

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I am building a simple Saas application. The skeleton of what I have so far is here

I plan to refactor and revise as needed. Technologies used so far.
Language - Ruby (framework Sinatra - not rails)
Responsive grid - Zurb Foundation - not blueprint
CSS generated by Sass and compass (zurb needs that)
Rendering - haml (no erb, no slim)
JS and AJAX - javascript (prefer to migrate to coffeescript)
Help desk integration -
Authentication - sinatra-warden (similar to devise) in stand alone version. Also added integration with google apps marketplace (
Automated testing - rspec and capybara
Deployed on Amazon aws.
Database currently sqlite3 using DataMapper as ORM. Seriously considering to use Redis as db and Ohm as ORM (see
Payment - now using stripe. see - very easy configuration of trial periods, payment plans, coupons etc.

High level description:

Skills: rendering, amazon