Upload file to a predefined url in the subject heading of email

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I need someone who can provide or find me a solution where i can upload a file to a website. The file will be delivered by the means of email with the pdf file attached.

The pdf file attached have to be uploaded to a site where the dynamic part of the url (the custom part) are defined in the subject of the email and/or the name of the attached file.


to: uploadpdf@uploadexample.com
subject: Converted: 454654623213232oijghjgg
attached: 454654623213232oijghjgg.pdf

the dynamic part of the email is the numbers ending with some letters...
and can be part in a longer url for example

if a new email is sent with the same dynamic part in the subject with a new pdf included (or same name of pdf) ... it have to overwrite the old, and the old file have to be deleted.

Make sure that the nordic charachters æ ø and å can be included. and the dynamic part should be able to handle minimum 1 and maximum 40 characters.

I know there are several solutions where a link is created when the file is uploaded.. but I need the dynamic part of the url to be predefined by me. (It has to be created from to subject field or the name of the attached pdf.

I have websites created with sharepoint.online and google apps.. and can provide or purchase a domain I own if you need to create a new site for this... and than hand it over to mee later. But a thirdparty solution could bee good as well...

And it have to be done automatic, with no manual grips...

Please let me know if you can satisfy all my demands above : )