I have a good server - need power auto dialer installed - Vicidial or Osdial or etc. with CRM integration

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Job Description

IGNORE budget and bid what you believe is a fair price

I have a server with the following specs:

2U server
2 quad cores
16gb ram
10tb hard drive space

It is an empty server with nothing on it.

I will have 5 agents making outbound calls. I need someone to help me setup any platform that would allow for the following:

- An admin to login and upload a CSV file (contains fields like Name, phone #, etc.)
- Allows admin to setup any number of agents.
- Allows admin to associate contacts, leads or lists to be called by certain agents
- Admin can setup the dialer so that will disconnect call if not picked up after 2 rings.
- Admin can setup system so that agents are using a single line 1:1 power dialer.
- When agent logs in they can start their session. The dialer will make calls and when connected, will show the contact info for that contact.
- Admin can setup number of rings before auto hangup (to avoid connecting voicemails to agent).
- Allows the setup of an agent to dial a number and input a pin code to enter their calling session.

I am open to any system, and will need help with installation and setup on this empty server.

I'd like to use ONLY pre-existing already-developed platforms for this.

Also we will need to have a CRM integrated with the platform so that leads called can be sent to this CRM. We are open to any opensource CRM (sugarcrm, vtiger, etc.)

Need this done by the 5/26

TO APPLY MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THIS STATEMENT: "I can help you install a power dialer system and a crm on your server"

Need this done by the 5/26

Keywords (please ignore): CRM, power dialer, powerdialer, auto dialer, autodialer, predictive dialer