Whiteboard Animation (1.5 minute video)

Whiteboard Animation (1.5 minute video)


Job Description

We are looking for someone to create a whiteboard illustrated video based from a 300-word script that we will provide. The video should be 1.5 minutes long.

An ideal candidate would have previous experience in this specific video production and be able to take this example https://www.pimsleurapproach.com/presentation413.asp?sid=sl36004bnr&uid=#affid and incorporate it into their own creative direction. We are looking for someone who thinks outside of the box and will work efficiently to produce a quality end product. You can work on your own country's time but we will require you to be available once on skype/phone on US PST hours to discuss the project.

Please do NOT just submit your resumes. Reply us back with ANSWERS to the questions below or your applications will not be entertained:
1. An accurate quote of how much you will charge for creating a 1.5 minute video.
2. Links/samples of your previous whiteboard animation work.
3. Do you need us to provide images? Or will you be able to create it yourself?
4. Do I need to pick the background audio for you or record the voiceover audio? Or do you include that with your work?

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