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do you remember me? i am cami from the children story potty training learning with the animals...

This time, i am contacting you, to narrate something very similar ... this time the story is to teach children how to care for the environment.

the story will be very similar to what we did last time,,,which was first a scene where narrator tells the story....then children are the ones that need to go and do their job of saving the earth. (i am attaching some images so you know what is about)

the writer is fixing the writing at the moment, i attach here a draft so you how easy it is!

We plan to save the earth and the animals, some of them are having problems.
Looook…. there is a turtle eating a plastic bag thinking it is his food...
look some chickens are sad because they don't have water to shower,
and, there is a dog wearing a breathing mask to breath…
.ohh noo, look there is the polar bear on a melting ice

……. Do you want to help this animals? We need you!!

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