Web Site Maitnanace

Web Site Maitnanace


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I design my website using Yola.com I know I know. But for now it's the most comfortable method of updating my site. The site is a simple drop in place where you need things web builder, It's just very time consuming for me.

I need some one to update probably 50 plus webpages on my site. I will draw out the one template for each group of pages I want redesigned and you just have to plug in the info. Check the links, design basically make sure they all match perfectly to the template. Also they have a built in SEO scanner that detects simple SEO errors like alt image tags, broken links and the like. If you could run down the checklist they provide with the scan and fix those errors that would be very helpful as well. Any SEO tricks you can place in the site to make me rank higher in search would be appreciated.

This is my website thus far www.jones4fitness.com

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