Unity iOS developer for 3D mindmapping tool - Capability test


Job Description

We are building an iOS app to create a 3D freeform mind map (described below).

We are looking for a talented Unity/ iOS developer who can create a polished, robust final app from a detailed specification.

Description of the complete app and capabilities required are below.

NOTE that we will be giving a paid test to the most promising candidates. This test will be posted separately. We will invite the best candidates for this job to do the test before giving them the full job.

The successful candidate will have:
* Extensive experience in Unity iOS development, and able to point to a relevant portfolio
* Experience using Unity native plugins on OSX, and ideally Objective-C development experience
* Understanding and experience of using Unity’s 3D and mobile graphics enhancements
* Very good at remote project collaboration and a high level of communication
* Design skills will be highly regarded, however we expect to also work with a 3D designer on this project
* Good English is essential, as this is a highly collaborative project

Successful applicants must be able to complete all of the elements within the application including:
* Interactive Design & Development
* Integration of supplied 3D models and animation
* Social network integration (sharing content with social networks/ email/ web)

For the successful candidate we expect the full task to take 4-6 weeks of development work.

As noted above we will select the developer for the full job from those who have successfully completed a test task.

We want to work with individuals, and are very unlikely to work with agencies unless we can have clear guarantees on the individuals doing the work.

The iPad app will allow users to create, modify, animate & share a 3D landscape.

The 3D landscape is a set of Objects with links that represent Relationships, positioned in a 3D Environment. Each of these elements has user-defined properties.

Create: The 3D landscape is created from a set of objects, including auto-positioning of the objects within 3D space
Modify: Users can modify previously created landscapes from a library of templates
Animate: Users can apply pre-defined camera animations to the landscapes
Share: Users can export and share the landscapes as a custom file format, image snapshot, and potentially video sequence

A more detailed specification will be provided upon hiring.

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