Networking Adviser

Networking Adviser


Job Description

Hi there,

I am currently setting up a home office. Unfortunately with my current Wifi set up my home and office needs are not being met.

The issue stems from having a long house with lots of solid brick walls. I currently have two telecom connections which allows me to move the router from one end of the house to the other however this is incredibly inconvenient.

Therefore, i am looking for someone with networking experience mainly in the designing aspect. I would like my home network to have the following features:
- Multiple Wifi hotspots that allow also for static ethernet connections.
- Print sharing
- File/Media sharing (possibly allwoing to stream to the tv via the tv or ps3)

All of the above listed are central to how i need this new network to function. I need help with choosing the best hardware and software to go about setting up this new system. (May be required to set up as well)

Skills: network-solutions