Shared hosting / WHM / Cpanel / Apache Expert

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We've got a handful of servers and 10s of thousands of websites. This is all running standard WHM/Cpanel stack.

We need an absolute whiz to step in and be immediately effective in helping us optimize these servers, fix any issues, and make recommendations for smoother sailing in the future.

If you have NOT done this exact work for a webhosting company in the past, if you have NOT worked with servers with thousands of sites on them, PLEASE do not apply. This job requires legit experience.

We need this person now, as in yesterday. We will be hiring this person immediately. This will also be an ongoing gig, if that interests you.

So here's what you need to do. You need to respond quickly, and you need to make us believe that you are superman when it comes to this stuff. We aren't going to mess around and are VERY quick on the "reject" button.

If you do NOT include a cover letter with the items below, your application will be immediately deleted.

1) Your previous experience that specifically qualifies you for this job
2) How soon you could log into a server and start making it hum
3) Something (anything) else that makes you the amazing person we should hire.

Bonus points for including a fast way for us to reach you. Double bonus points if you can take an interview AND start work in that same time period.

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