iOS app to upload email attachment for web based virus scan

iOS app to upload email attachment for web based virus scan


Job Description

iPhone, iPad/iPad mini, iTouch, universal

Open email attachments or documents in the app to have them posted to our website where our existing software scans for malware, download and view detailed results in app

First run:
Accept terms of use allowing files to be uploaded to our website. Select privacy option - public or private (public by default, can be changed in settings.)

File format association in iOS:
Associate doc, ppt, xls, pdf, rtf, xpdf, docx, pptx, xlsx, chm, exe, com, scr, zip, rar, 7zip, bin, .virus, .malware (add more formats in future)

1. bring file into local app storage
2. create a local database entry (Core Data?) to track file and status (local metadata calculation of md5/sha1/sha256)
3. upload file and metadata to our web-based scanner
4. poll for result 1 - can results are downloaded to app, show results
5. send notification token to our site
6. receive notification when sandbox report (result 2) is done and download results


1. Default - list of submitted files with the most recent at the top, color coded result (malware, suspicious, or clean)
slide to delete file/report, check local db that file was successfully uploaded previously

2. File report screen (query remote api for results, store locally, drag down to refresh)
File size
analysis images
signature hits
sandbox report
embedded files section (see file report screen for embedded files from api data)

share report/email/twitter link/facebook
option to retry sending to server

3. Hex view of file if local - read only scrolling "hex editor view", jump to byte location in dec or hex, search for text or hex

4. Strings view of file if local - see strings from file, loaded via remote db

5. Search page for reports by file hash or other fields, view reports from api (show same file

Other notes:
All the Server side and graphics are provided by remote website. File upload to our server is a standard html 1.1 multipart form file upload.

Skills: ipad, pdf, analysis, twitter, facebook, graphics