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Good day,

I have Trixbox CE Asterisk 1.4.22-3 and really need your assistance.

My Sip phones SNOM 300's stop registering on my Trixbox.
When I debug asterisk -rvvv, and press the button on my phone to "registers"
it does not even show up on the debug monitor that the phone is even trying to

Now please note the following:

1) I can ping the SNOM 300 phones from the Trixox system
2) When go to the GUI, click on PBX, then endpoint manager, it picks up all my
phoned on the network.
3) My server IP on my phones are pointing to the correct server,
4) My SIP port hasnt changed, it is still default 5060.
5) I have 5 phones on the network - they are all not registering.
6) My Trixbox can ping the Internet, and resolve names to the Internet, there is
no DNS problem, all my host references are IP addresses, and not host names.

This system had been working more than 2 years - it just stopped working. There
is no hardware error as I can ping the phones from the Trixbox server,
and go to endpoin manager and it picks all the phones up in the GUI, but none are registering.

The funniest part is, asterisk -rvvv, then sip set debug does not even show the
phones trying to register. There is abseloutly no eveidence that the phones
are trying to communicate to the server it self. All the phones are pointing
to the Trixbox IP to register, I double checked. To top it all off, nothing had changed, I am the only
person with the server password, and have 5 years experience on Trixbox.

Please communicate with me as soon as you are able - I am willing to pay
your price.


Skills: pbx