Windows Application Development - ERSI - Geo Database & Spatial Application

Windows Application Development - ERSI - Geo Database & Spatial Application


Job Description


Our firm needs to contract a mobile application developer to build a Mobile App using ERSI to replace an existing ArcPad technology used by client. Currently Share Point and ArcPad integration is too complicated and clumsy for ease of deployment into global workforce. App will be exclusively for Windows Tablets and Phones for use as a company resource not for sale or download outside of organization.

Goals and Requirements:

*Windows Application for Tablet, Mobile Phone Second, Responsive


*Field Data Collection made easy to sync to Geo Date Base (Made Easy)

*Collect Spatial Info

*Geo data base

*Easy to use


*Experience interacting w/ Geo Database or developed spatial Applications that has interacted w/ ESRI product

*Replaces ARCPAD
*Client is a Certified Microsoft Partner

*Implementation of Runtime SDK/for smartphones and tablets

*log in and have user groups

* user groups can access certain templates

*ability to select point on Map

*ability to make Geo Coded service and a REVERSE Geo coding function **this was important..the reverser geo function

*a form user fills out and is associated w/ that point location

* (i) button, meaning...a button you can hit to get information/definition page ie: A roof needs X type of Y solution and her is what X is an what Y is. ( I think they have this content...but, this button is a requirement to help the guys in the field figure out what they should be doing)

*sync data thats collected to an ESRI SDE Geo Database

An Admin Area:

*Customize contents of form (to be able to customize and expand as new projects unfold)

*Crate new templates and forms

*assign user groups to templates

Attached are two maps on paper of application flow and design overview.

We are looking to move on this project ASAP. Please include your Skype ID, relevant Qualifications, and background. If you DO NOT HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH ERSI and GIS in general DO NOT APPLY. We need to find someone ASAP. Please submit approx. estimate on time and costs. Thanks.

Justin, VP

Skills: ersi

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