Digital Media Production Assistant wanted for weekly web show

Digital Media Production Assistant wanted for weekly web show


Job Description

NOTE - To be considered for this position, please put the word "YESAPPLE" or "NOAPPLE" in your subject. This will screen those who don't follow instructions, and those who use or don't use Apple Computers.

Job Title: Digital Media Production Assistant

About Authority Media

Authority Media is a media production company that provides niche publishers and authority site owners with education, training, management services and software development. Our main production website, WPAuthorities .com covers WordPress Authority Sites, interviewing owners of leading Authority Websites using WordPress, the approaches they take and the systems they use.

Job Description

Authority Media is looking for a Digital Media Production Assistant that will be responsible for aspects of pre-production, production and post-production of a weekly web show and podcast. This is a part-time position (approx 15-20 hours per week) that requires an expertise in a variety of skills related to video production, podcast production, graphic design and content production.

Qualifications, Skills & Requirements

As a Digital Media Production Assistant, your primarily responsibility will be to assist in the post-production activities for our weekly web show on The Qualifications, Skills and Requirements of this role include:

Qualifications & Skills

1. Excellent General Computer Skills (Browsing, Social Networking, Searching, Typing Skills, etc.)
2. Knowledge of digital production tools, conversion tools, multiple video formats/codecs, and cross-platform optimization
3. Aptitude for shot composition, visual design, overlay effects, and sound mixing
4. Proficiency in Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Photoshop
5. Experience publishing to popular video platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
6. Experience publishing to popular podcast platforms (iTunes, Stitcher, etc)


1. Command of English Language: Speak, Read and Write English Very Well
2. Access to your own Computer and High Speed Internet
3. Must work on an Apple/Macintosh computer
4. Willingness to join an exciting team with ambitions for growth in our company
5. Willingness to learn quickly and to be trained on in-demand skills
6. You should be a self starter, able to work independently and meet deadlines


Authority Media will produce one(1) video interview per week that will then be repurposed for a number of mediums including video publishing, podcast, blog article, report and slideshow. The primary responsibilities of this role include:

• Video Post-Production
⁃ Video poster creation
⁃ Video segment editing
⁃ Colour grading, sound editing, titles, transitions
⁃ Publishing on YouTube
• Podcast Post-Production
⁃ Podcast cover art creation
⁃ Editing, mixing and mastering digital audio file
⁃ Proper MP3 tagging
⁃ Submission to iTunes (RSS feed)
• Content Post-Production
⁃ Audio transcribing
⁃ Blog article creation
⁃ Formatting (headings, bullets, links)
⁃ Image creation
⁃ Report creation
⁃ Use Mac Pages template to create a downloadable PDF report that includes the audio transcription, relevant images and links
⁃ Slideshow
⁃ Use Mac Keynote template to create a slideshow that can be uploaded to

Application Instructions

If you are up for the challenge, we encourage you to apply for the Digital Media Production Assistant role by submitting your resume. Applications will be reviewed by the Authority Media management team and selected candidates will be asked to schedule an interview.

*NOTE: Please review the Job Description, Qualifications, Skills, Requirements and Responsibilities in detail to ensure you understand everything required in this role. We will provide detailed training for the entire post-production process, but we are looking for someone that has the skills required to complete all of the tasks outlined above.

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