Android and Smartwatch programmer.

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We have ongoing needs for Android development, particularly the ability to work with wearables (like a smartwatch), sensors, GPS and location.

The first assignment will be as below, and you will be asked how quickly you can complete the assignment.

This is a simple but important app for Wearables that have a compass sensor, such as the newly announced Samsung Gear Live.

Good skills to have:
Android Wearable SDK.
Math, geometry
Custom Views

This app will display a compass view in place of or with a clock face.

The user will choose from six or more compass styles. (The images will be done separately by designer.) Two designs are complete already. They will make this choice at the watch.

Some of the styles will be a bearing compass. This means that the dial moves according to the direction, and it has an indicator or needle to indicate the current direction at the top. It may include a clock in the center. Attached zip has images for a bearing compass with clock, with parts broken out to be rotated.

Some of the styles will be an orienteering compass. This means that the dial is rotated by the user, and the north south needle. The time is shown in digital format.

The declination will be provided by the phone's current location.

The app on the android side is responsible for one things:
Sending a declination on request or once a day.

The android side may not need UI.
The watch app will act autonomously using the latest declination information.

The watch side of the app should have at least the following classes:
ClockView descending
SensorListener, should

Use the keyword declination when applying so I know you have read this far.

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