Transcribe from handwritten documents

Transcribe from handwritten documents


Job Description

First I want to say that you must read this entire description so I can be sure that you understand what the job entails and so that I cans ee if you qualify.

I will know if you didn't read the description and if you did not I will most likely reject your application.

I have ongoing long term work for the right candidate in taking handwritten documents and transcribing them.

Many times these documents will have HORRIBLE handwriting and you will have to be able to figure out what they say from the context and perhaps at times a few notes we will provide to give a bit of additional context.

I have attached a sample of a few of the documents and want the ideal candidate to do the following:

1. Transcribe as much as you can from 1 or more documents reasonably (we know that you don't work for us yet and these have all already been transcribed by us so we are not looking for free help).

2. Let us know how long it took you to do the work you did.

3. If you have any concerns about the task let us know those.

4. The final thing is to make sure to add the words "HORRIBLE TEXT" when you apply.

Skills: english

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