iOS WebView that plays and downloads mp3s natively

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Job Description

QWE Music - is a app that downloads and plays .mp3 files natively once a .mp3 link is detected in the browser

i have a mobile website that that has a collection of mp3 links

i would like to create a app that has a web view which is linked to my mobile site and when a .mp3 is selected i would like a native player to play that .mp3, also once the song is playing i would like to give the user the ability to download that track, and also will be able to setup playlist

it is important that if track #1 is selected to play, when track #1 is over it will go to the next track on the list (#2, #3, etc)

i would also like it to have push notifications setup

QWE Music is a good example of the direction i'd like to move in, also this is going to end up being a large project, and this is the first steps i'd like to take

i want a very clean and modern design of the native player

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