Matching in art

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

As a freelance you will develop the main features of a web based service that matches sellers and buyers of art pieces. The main features we are trying to develop are:
- a member space for art dealers where the can set the purchasing intentions thery are interested in (example: contemporary, ancient, XVIIIth century...)
- the ability to buy packages of credits for art dealers. These credits will make them able to buy the contacts of the purchasers who posted their purchasing intentions on the website. For example, if John Q posted a purchasing intention for an ancient jar, the dealers should see it as a notification in their member space without the contacts. With the credits they should be able to buy the contact (First name, name, email...) typed by the potential buyer when he typed his request in the form (see the beginning of our site (see for an example in construction)