Windows Phone 8 App (Please Read Full Description)

Windows Phone 8 App (Please Read Full Description)


Job Description

We are looking for services of experienced professionals/agency capable to design, develop and provide support of Windows Phone 8 Multimedia Phone app.

App Features:

1. The primary function of the app will be to provide users with latest news in form of News Stories. Each News Story will contain on of the following:
a. Text
b. Text and Images
c. Text and Audio
d. Text, Images and Audio
e. Text and Video
f. Text, Images and Video

2. All the News Stories will be under News Categories. The News Categories will be decided at the time of award of contract.
3. App users will be able to create user accounts within the app.
4. The app account creation will not be mandatory to use the app.
5. If an app user has already created an account (either on website or on app), he will able to sign-in directly.
6. App users will be able to comment on any news story only after account sign-ups.
7. The comments will be propagated on android, iOS, Windows apps as well as website.
8. App users will be able to like any story after account sign-ups.
9. The likes and comments counts will be displayed under each story. The counts will be aggregate of likes and comments on both apps and website.
10. News updates will be published three or four times a day.
11. App users will be notified about new updates in form of push notifications
12. If any app user comments on a News Story, push notifications will be generated about all new comments on the said News Story. These comments can be either through apps or website.
13. App users will be able to share the News Stories via Facebook, Twitter and Email.
14. App users will be able to prioritize the news based on news categories of their interest, i.e., users willing to see sports news on top will get the sports stories on top in the main news feed.
15. The apps will contain Audio and Video Podcasts.
16. App users will be available for download the podcasts on their devices.
17. The apps will include live audio stream of three (03) radio stations.
18. The apps will include live video stream of News Network's flagship programs.
19. News Stories of last three days will remain active within the app.
20. Most liked News Stories of a day will remain active for the period of one week.
21. App users will be able to save News Stories offline for later reading. In case a video or audio is associated with the story being saved, only text will be saved.

Apps User Interface Design Requirements

App Tutorial:

1. Upon launch of News App after installation, users will be provided with a tutorial.
2. The five or six pages “scroll through or skip” tutorial will include:
a. Welcome Page
b. App Features
c. App Navigation Help
d. Information about News Network
3. Users will be provided with an option to either sign-in or sign up during the tutorial.
4. Users will be provided with option to customize the news feed based on their preferred news categories


1. The Apps UI will be designed emphasizing on providing users with an “unobstructed” news reading experience.
2. The Apps interface will remain hidden throughout the app and only become visible if a user swipes right on the phone screen hence eliminating any obstruction.
3. All the videos will be displayed in full screen landscape mode in dedicated player.
4. Video player navigation bar will include a share button among the rest. The share button will provide an option to share the video on Facebook and twitter.