Sales report and analysis

Sales report and analysis


Job Description

What I need is list of retailers for a specific product. You need to get the email addy for that retailer from website or trade journals. Create customer list with name address postcode name tel and email onot excel spreadsheet.

Then once list is vetoed by us send out a sales letter to each of the retailers we target from the list. As these retailers are only in Australia you will be able to get either website details or telephone numbers only if you are overseas. If you only get tel numbers we will call them for the email addy and add to your list.

Frtom this list we will provide a flyer for new product release, a simple 1 pager that will be sent to each retailer.

Then the following week call them or email for a response and get their feedback. Must have excel spreadsheets as well as word and email ability.

Work on assumption of locating and report with 1000 retailers details. Plus calls to them and followup email x2