Social Engine Advanced Group customization

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description


I want to have minor customization work done to my advanced group plugin on my social engine platform website.

Customization requirements:

1) Add 4 fields: Country, City, Start Date, End Date to YouNet's Advanced Group plugin which I have installed on my website already.

2) Customize the group search feature so that groups can also be searched by any of above 4 fields listed in 1)

3) Customize group admin so that admin is able to sort group under the 'manage group 'by Start Date, End Date

4) Approval facility whereby the administrator can turn on or off 'approval needed'
-If the facility turned on then groups will only be published to the website if the administrator has approved the group created.
-If the approval facility is turned off then groups page will function as it does at the moment.

This customization work will not involve allot of work as it is a collection of existing functionality on the social engine platform.