Integration between Avaya IP Office DevLink and Google Talk status


Job Description

Develop an integration between Avaya IP Office DevLink event stream and Google Talk status so that the current status on Google Talk is updated in realtime based on their use of their Avaya office phone. The app would run on a local server connected on the same LAN as the IP Office phone system. The app would talk to the Avaya IP Office phone system via their dev link interface (which requires a license on the phone system to be purchased and enabled) and then update in realtime the status of the corresponding user's Google Talk status. The app would have a table matching user extensions number to their Google Talk logins/passwords. For example, when Harry at ext 1234 is on the phone - the app would automatically update Google Talk status to say "on the phone" - when he hangs up, it would say "Available". More specific info could also be updated - like "on an internal call", "on an external call", "ringing", "dialing" - this would be limited by the dev link integration and what data the Avaya system tells about the user.


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