Twitter, Facebook, EmpireAve, Myspace Posters

Twitter, Facebook, EmpireAve, Myspace Posters


Job Description

Job Description

I am looking for a person to update and maintain the Facebook and Twitter accounts for a Magazine company which is a resource for MUSIC, FASHION, HEALTH, POLITICS. The tasks include:

1. Making regular topical posts (every other day) to both accounts
2. POSITIVE Discussions on how the MUSIC, FASHION, HEALTH, POLITICS industry trends, events, hot new talent, great ways to eat, diet and community people
3. Following other pages on Facebook and Twitter to help our own page branch out

Contractor requirements

We are looking for a contractor that:

1. Is familiar with social media and generating interesting content that grabs readers
2. Has availability throughout the week to post on Facebook, Twitter, EmpireAve and MySpace
3. Is familiar with researching topics in this industry to analyze trends

How to apply

Along with your cover letter, please submit samples of posts that you have written or other writing samples that relate your style. Also include how often you use Facebook ,Twitter, EmpireAve and Myspace and your top 2 pros and cons about posts/posting on each service.

Please also indicate your availability during the week and your familiarity of the wedding industry.

About the company

We are a web-based as well as print magazine. Music plus Fashion plus Health equals Politics, The Bizness Magazine preaches educating communities that their voice is their weapon and the way they engage their weapon is political. The neighborhood is enhanced through the mirrors of communication MUSIC, FASHION, HEALTH, POLITICS The Bizness Magazine is committed to reflecting this reality. The invisible becomes a monument with publication.

Skills: twitter, facebook, myspace