Real Estate VA needed to make phone calls and setup appointments

Real Estate VA needed to make phone calls and setup appointments


Job Description

I am looking for Real Estate VA to make calls to targeted individuals (not random calling) with regards to real estate services. You will have all the leads and scripts provided.

I am looking for excellent Spoken English and administrative skills.

YOU MUST SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH. Before hiring, I will set up a Skype audio call to chat for a bit and make sure that your English is good. You would be calling on my behalf, so this part is all it matters.

The targeted people here would be those who is trying to rent or sell their homes. Again, you would be provided with all their

contact information (most with the phone numbers). If phone number is not in the contact information which would need to be looked up at specific place I will provide.

You would have to familiarize yourself with the area you will be calling (where I live) and learn more about me, which I will help you with.

My goal is to find someone who is motivated to help me see the results and collect bonus $s on regular basis rather than someone who is looking for a high $/hr pay. I am looking to turn leads (which I provide you with) into appointments and hopefully into clients for me.

In your reply please include how many phone calls per hour you can make. Also, please let me know what your Internet speed is as per