Financial Analysis - U.S. Hedge Fund

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are a large U.S.-based hedge fund seeking help completing financial models for potential investment opportunities. We will pay you 50% more than your current charge-rate for the two-part, guaranteed 10-hour assignment described below. Contractors who successfully complete this assignment can expect 20-40 hours of additional assignments per week.

Part 1: Contractors will be paid to complete a two hour knowledge-based investment questionnaire which will help determine depth of investment knowledge for future assignments. There is a two-hour maximum to complete this portion of the assignment.

Part 2: Contractors will also need to review publicly available financial statements and bond indentures and input historical financial information into an excel model. This job will require outstanding attention to detail and the ability to efficiently review large amounts of financial information and determine which information is most meaningful for an investor. There is an 8-hour maximum to complete this portion of the assignment.