Post Production Editor

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Graphic designer for video post production, active use of Final-Cut Pro, active knowledge of most recording formats for video and audio. Ability to use Black Magic Hyperdeck Studio recorder w/ media, knowledge of Chromakey Green or Gray screen after effects. Able to use FTP uploads and archiving methods. Deliverable and project management skills is a must. Remote access and VPN technology is extra. Final Cut FCP X required

Own equipment and studio is required for this assignment with the industry standard applications. The Editor will be responsible for editing different projects from spots to trailers. The editor will also assist Senior Editors and Creative Directors by digitizing footage, selecting music, editing, creating motion graphics, and executing duplication requests. The Editor will also be proactive in finding new ways to be more efficient and working with the rest of the department to streamline the process. The Editor will also be involved in concepting and Quality Assurance.

Daily duties will include, but are not limited to

Digitizing/logging footage
Jingles voice over
Music selection and editing (Library is provided)
Sound effects selection and editing
Coding and storage of footage received
Archiving video projects
Prepping materials for On Line sessions
Graphics support/production
Providing help on shoots, focus groups, etc., as needed