File Distribution Method or Plan (consulting only)

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

This is a consulting project. This project awards $30 to the best, most cost effective and simple plan to solve the file distribution problem. This is not a programming job...although it may become one. All that is require is to explain how you would solve the problem.

Problem and parameters:
* Distribute 5000 files to 5000 people via email in 24-36 hours
* Files are up to 6 mg in size....and likely a jpg format. They will be stored on a cloud file service like Google Drive or Amazon Cloud. File names consist of 4 digits. The files are not confidential but we would prefer they're not publically available. The recipient of the email/file may share it with others by any means they choose.
* There are a few alternatives regarding distribution of the file. The file may be:
1. Send as an email attachment. This is the preferred method...even better if 1 & 2 are combined.
2. Embedded in the email.
3. Available by a link.
4. Others???
* The email addresses are confidential and should not be accessible by anyone
* The email will include text (HTML) to explain the attachment.
* A simple spreadsheet contains the donor email addresses (ex. bob@gmail) and donor number (4 digits ex. 1234) which corresponds to the file name (1234.jpg). An option (not preferred) we could add a third column to the spreadsheet which could contain a shared link to the file (remember there are 5000 files - may not be easy to get the links)

* All email addresses are those of supporters of our non-profit, ie this is not Spam, or solicitation of any kind.
* I have no programming skills so keep this in mind when I say a simple solution is desired.
* You may submit a fixed price to implement your solution with your proposed solution

Possible systems, providers
* Google Drive, Google Docs
* Google Apps for Business (but email limits apply)
* Amazon Cloud, SES, EC2
* for email in conjunction with SES
* Campaigner with mail merge - but this would only be for sharing links

Again, to get the $30 describe the best plan (you are not doing the work - just laying out a strategy). Doing the work (executing the plan) will be a separate job.

Feel free to ask questions. Be creative, original and keep it simple.

Skills: cloud-computing, script-writing