power point or project summary creator


Job Description

We are looking for people who have writing skills in the areas of creating summary outlines of various projects we are looking to get funded. These projects will span business such as mining, water, infrastructure, food manufacturing, energy, construction of housing, products in the field of health diagnosis and others that may come up. These summary outlines will be seen by high level (global) bankers, lawyers, accountants, presidents and CEO types. Our thoughts are that each of these will range from 2-10 pages in length, capture in precise detail what we are looking for to get the readers attention. We already know who to send this information to, we just need to create a detailed informational piece that gets them to respond with a YES, NO or want more information. These could ideally be done in a power point type presentation, but we are open to other more creative ways to get the readers attention. We are not looking for music, flash or other things that would distract the reader from seeing this as a serious potential project that they would want to invest in. As each one of these are created and written, they should also include some links of current, supportive, information on the type of project we are looking for funding on. This would require the writer to also be able to provide some research information information on whatever the topic that they maybe writing about.

Skills: research, marketing