Telephone Services with FREESWITCH

Telephone Services with FREESWITCH


Job Description

We are looking to see if there is a group of skilled developers specifically knowing;

- Freeswitch and how to build with the source and create services like PABX, Fax to Email, IVR Menu, Custom IVR Menu for multiple keypress etc,
- Use Lua (core linux language built in to freeswitch) to create interaction with freeswitch services, dbase etc,

This is not just for a small business wanting their own service. It is for a wholesale company selling multiple (1000's) of services to retail companies so it needs to be a robust development supplying large amounts of services;

- across multiple freeswitch servers eventually,
- scalable,
- accessing mysql for actions,
- interaction from web interface to have customer control of service actions and so on.

If you can grasp that bigger picture and have the skills and would like to be a part of this venture, let me know your skills, background so far, past jobs with freeswitch and so on.

We can talk on Skype also if you leave your Skype name.

Thank you