Retainer Research and Administrative Work

Retainer Research and Administrative Work


Job Description

A Little About Us:
We are a small company that works with journalists to help them find expert sources for their stories.

Project Summary:

We are interested in hiring someone on a long-term, on-going basis to do research and administrative tasks. Main responsibilities will include doing research on and finding contacts (people) on the internet, and corresponding with people via email.

This is a research-intensive position that requires you to be comfortable corresponding with people in English (via email) and meeting deadlines. Also - we hope to expand the position to include more duties in the future, such as other administrative or research tasks.

This is a great position for someone who wants to learn more about public relations and journalism, as well as someone who is looking for a long-term position, with opportunities for longer hours in the future.

How it Works:
-A journalist submits a query to us, requesting a specific type of source for their story. (See Example Query Below)
-We research and find people that fit the query’s criteria, including direct contact information (i.e. email address or phone #)
-We reach out to those to people, to see if they will agree to talk with the journalist
-Once a person agrees to be a source and talk to the journalist, we connect them with the journalist via email

What We Need from You:
-Be able to understand the journalist’s query
-Be able to research and find 3-5 people that meet the query’s criteria, including their direct contact information (email address and/or phone number)
-Be able to find contacts for the query in a timely manner (by the query deadline!)
-Be able to correspond via email with the sources and the journalist who submitted the query

Skills We’d Love You to Have:
-Strong Internet Research Skills
-Strong English-language comprehension skills
-Ability to correspond in English
-Ability to follow instructions carefully
-Critical thinking skills – ability to understand the exact type of source that the journalist/query is requesting
-Ability to work on a daily basis, Monday through Friday

Please Include this Exercise with your Proposal:
-Please find 3-5 sources online that meet the criteria for the Example Query (below)
-For each source, include the person’s name, job title, and contact information
-For each source, please provide a brief explanation about why you think this person fits the query

First Name: John

Last Name: Smith

Email: [email protected]
Message: Looking for an expert in small business development and marketing – who can speak on the topic of social media marketing best practices.

Deadline: 10/25/2013

Thanks for submitting a proposal, and we look forward to hearing from you!